Benefits Of The Most-popular Indian Spices

“Vegetables, herbs, and spices. If you can combine those ingredients, that would be the best dish you’d ever cook!” – Rinrin Marinka

Someone spoke the truth – Spices are the soul of Indian food. 

And DC Tasty knows the secret to the world of incredible recipes made with exotic Indian spices to give you the most authentic taste of India, right on your plate.

Indian food is all about the spices that give it the saporous flavor it is known for. There is always a reason why certain spices are used in almost every Indian dish and that’s because of the immense properties they offer that add not only the flavor but a plethora of other benefits to the dishes.

So, we took it upon ourselves to unfold the mystery that is Indian spices and explore their potential and advantages for our bodies.

Shall we begin?


This is one of the most avidly consumed species in India and that too for all the right reasons. It is known to provide pain relief, boost the immune system and combat diarrhea, lessen nausea, stomach pain, and cramps among other things.


Turmeric has gained fame worldwide like no other spice. Hailed for its antibiotic properties, it works more like medicine but imparts the richest taste in dishes. I bet you would have a hard time finding an Indian dish without Turmeric playing its magic in it.


That’s it. This is what brings Indian food to life. With its peculiar and aromatic taste is what adds a unique flavor to the dishes, making them drab-to-fab (so to speak). It is a holy grail to fight with digestive problems and cough, to name a few. 


A very popular ingredient used in Naan bread as well, Carom or Ajwain is widely used in numerous Indian dishes. It is abilities like combating cold, constipation, and a real-time stomach pain reliever, it is a great ingredient to add to the dishes that are a little heavy to digest.


Known for its aromatic and sweet smell and taste, this spice is used in dishes to add properties like iron, calcium, and fiber. It can be consumed in the dishes as well as for refreshment purposes after a meal. 

Black Pepper/Kali Mirch

Now, this is an epitome of an ‘all-rounder’. It is a spice loved globally. This spice has various diverse uses since it helps with the digestive problems, constipation, flatulence, and maintains blood pressure due to its anti-bacterial capabilities.  


Besides its indefinite positive effects for hair spurt, Methi is a proven source of iron. It is potent in reducing increased sugar levels, increases testosterone, and also helps lactating mothers in breastfeeding. Fascinatingly, it is also known to help in controlling the appetite. 

Bay Leaf/Tej Patta

Not only an added delicacy in your Biryani, but Tej Patta also has a lot of benefits up its sleeves besides its remarkable aromatic taste. It is a herb known to be beneficial for diabetics, digestion, and also stress-buster to a great extent. No wonder that Indian dishes like Jeera Rice, Chole, etc. are all cooked with this salient ingredient.


Hot in its properties, Clove is a great cure for cough, cold, and everything that needs tending to with compounds that are hot in nature. It leaves quite a strong taste and fragrance that makes the Indian cuisine saporous. 


Used in its many forms in Indian cuisine, Coriander seed powder is deemed to possess antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Besides this, it assists in lowering high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and even cholesterol levels to a great extent.

As Joe Perry puts it- “ It’s really erotic; the spices are so sensuous.” They are the crux of the cooking, a remarkable blend of splendid ingredients that make every bite mouth-watering.

DC Tasty outsources only freshly-made spices and prepares its own exclusive recipes that everyone longs for. So, waste no time and head over to the menu for the best meal of your life.

Next, we will see why Asafoetida is considered an ingredient with multiple hats. So, keep in touch and enjoy your DC Tasty meals.

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