Best of DC Tasty – From King of Pakoras to the Queen of Full-Course Meals

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

 ― François de La Rochefoucauld

Being a hardcore food-lover does not come easy. It needs a soul of a foodie to know how to choose a combination of dishes that will satisfy your hunger for saporous food.

Have you ever gone online to order your dinner with a specific dish in mind, but as soon as you see those ridiculously delicious dishes staring back at you, you feel overwhelmed?

Oftentimes, it comes as a challenge for people, and they become confused with the options they get. Now, wouldn’t it be better if someone can do that and save you that headache?

Welcome to DC Tasty!

Born out of sheer love for healthy food and saporous cuisine, DC Tasty is your haven for all things Indian. We have prepared 10 exclusive meal deals at very affordable prices to save you the trouble of putting together a meal yourself.

Starting with a meal deal for one, you get 1 piece of Naan/Tandoori Roti bread of your choice, 1 serving of Dal Tadka/Dal Makhani to complement 1 plain Rice bowl. 

However, if you are looking for something more appropriate for a gathering then our Deal 4 is a perfect choice to pick among others. 

Curated to serve 3 to 4 people, it includes  2 delicious curries made with DC Tasty recipes, 2 servings of Daal with options to choose from, 2 pieces of bread from a variety of choices, 1 bowl of Rice of your preference, 1 mouth-watering Vegetable Biryani with some added goodness of one serving of fries (additional charges may apply).


Besides these finger-licking-good deals offering the most bang for your buck, we have a box full of deliciousness called snacks. 


Be it the piquant Samosas with Chole, a vegetable burger or Wrap filled with crispy and fresh vegetables, a bomb of Bhalla Chaat exploding in your mouth with flavors, or our very own DC Tasty-exclusive King of Pakoras – Broccoli Pakora, DC Tasty takes care of your every mood.

So, have a bite of DC Tasty and enjoy it with your family and friends since “Laughter is brightest where food is best”.

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