Is Hing (Asafoetida) really the king of spices?

Indian cuisine is known to be quite generous with releasing many flavors bursting as quickly as one bite goes into the mouth.

It is one of the richest cuisines that has adapted the qualities of a myriad of exotic spices ever known to man. One of the most peculiar, intriguing, and mysterious one is Asafoetida, popularly known as Hing in India.

It packs a punch of acrid smell and taste which ultimately imbibes the soul into many Indian dishes be it Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani, Curries, Chole; the list is tediously long.

So, what is this stuff? And why is it hailed as ‘Hing, the king of spices’?

Well, there are many reasons for this conjecture, so let’s take it from the top.

Extracted from the living roots of plants from the likes of Ferula, it is a dried latex with a gum-y texture. 

The Asafoetida resin is a solidified liquid that is procured by cutting the roots of the plant mentioned above and is crushed with the help of mortar and pestle since it develops a hard surface. 

Due to its peculiar and pungent smell, it has acquired the name “Devil’s dung”. Regardless, it has some medicinal (angelic, so to speak) properties and multiple benefits.

Let’s check out what they are:

Rich in Antioxidants 

There are many claims doing the rounds for Asafoetida being high on antioxidants since it is found to contain Tannins and Flavonoids – two phenolic compounds known for their antioxidants effects. Nevertheless, due to the fact that only a pinch of this ingredient is needed in Indian recipes, it’s potential benefits on the body become questionable.

Improves Metabolism

A lot of the diseases can house in your body, if not for a healthy and strong metabolism. This is a defense mechanism of our bodies to fight the external antigens that might create health issues. For centuries, Asafoetida has been used as a potent medicine for such purposes.

A Tool Against Indigestion, Bloating, and IBS

Well, if you have ever observed Indian cuisine, then you must have noticed it is pretty big on the idea of digestion. One of the studies proves that Asafoetida is a real game-changer for people suffering from indigestion, bloating, and gastric problems due to its anti-acidic properties. Just a small amount of this ingredient goes a long way.

Moreover, it is potent in combating IBS that’s characterized by pain or discomfort in the abdomen, diarrhea, constipation, to name a few.

Helps Fight Asthma 

When it comes to respiratory syndromes like Bronchitis and Asthama, Asafoetida is known to help in this regard. This herb is competent in strengthening the metabolism; ipso facto, it works as a catalyst in antibodies promoting trouble-free respiration. 

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

More often than not, Asafoetida has been witnessed to work as an anecdote for curing high blood sugar levels and control them.

Due to such factors, DC Tasty has recognized its mighty properties and uses this indispensable ingredient in the dishes.  

Besides the health benefits, it gives a unique flavor for which DC Tasty dishes are known for. So, head over to the menu and pick the best dishes curated with this incredible and exotic spice.

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