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Enjoy India in your mouth with flavors presented by DC Tasty


Born out of sheer love for fresh, healthy food and saporous cuisine, DC Tasty is your haven for all things Indian. From mouth-watering starters to finger-licking full-course meal deals, DC Tasty satiates your tongue with the tummy, keeping your inner health inhibitions and pocket at ease. 

These precarious times entail their own repercussions while ordering food online. The need for safe and clean eating places has never been more prominent. DC Tasty stands for offering a platform where people can order fresh, healthy, delectable, and consciously-made Indian food dissected into 10 hand-curated affordable deals. 

Where Tongue and Tummy Unite It’s All Parathas and More

Working With a Different Approach


Unlike other delivery services, DC Tasty embraced quite a different approach. We teamed up with the most trusted restaurants in the UK for cooking services from the best chefs. Our dishes are made with the DC Tasty-exclusive recipes and spices, rendering exquisite and piquant taste they are known for. 

If ingredients are the soul of food, then Indian cuisine is their permanent abode. To present to you all the vibrant flavors of India and give that unique taste to our dishes, we hand-pick our freshly sourced 28+ spices, vegetables, and other ingredients from the best in the market. 

More importantly, we have been quite meticulous in defining the method of cooking used for preparing DC Tasty-exclusive deals. It is these Masalas and carefully designed, tried and tested recipes that make DC Tasty…tasty. 

Values That Make Us DC Tasty

Values That Make Us DC Tasty

Eat Healthy, Save Plenty 

Sadly, as our world moved on to absorb the full meaning of ‘Modern’, our so-called ‘Modern eating habits’ have equally become more inadequate. In the times when fast-food is more affordable than healthy meals, DC Tasty aims to serve healthy Indian meal deals to motivate people towards a healthier lifestyle at prices that are Too Good To Be True. Our deals start from as low as £3.95 giving the most bang for your buck. 

Ordering and Eating Made Simple 

More often than not, the biggest hiccup faced by people while ordering a full-course meal is deciding what goes well with what. 

One dish ordered wrong can surely ruin the whole dinner experience; to which DC Tasty has come to the rescue. To save the pain of disappointment, we offer 10 diversely curated deals including the dishes best complementing each others’ undertones.  

Each deal contains a pallet of flavors including some palatable Indian starters coupled with star-of-the-show main dishes. This way, you do not have to go for a big order and can enjoy everything that Indian cuisine has to offer and more in just a deal.  

Providing Healthier Alternative – Nationwide 

Due to the recent pandemic, DC Tasty has gone the extra mile by accepting requests for contactless delivery to encourage safety and adhere to social-distancing. To that end, our staff and delivery drivers are meticulous in providing the best services possible.  

The journey which started in Edinburg is now going to spread its trajectory in the UK. DC Tasty envisions and aims to offer its services nationwide. Therefore, we are partnering up with many reputed restaurants to make this dream come true and deliver the “Dine the Divine” experience to everyone.